Today I went to Zierikzee to visit the Sint-Lievens Monster Tower (also known as Dikke Toren). It is a 62m high unfinished church tower with an accompanying church that was destroyed in 1832 due to a fire. Work on the church tower began in 1454 and it was planned to become 204m tall (which would have made it the tallest church tower in the world at that time). Due to a financial crisis however, the work on the tower halted in 1530. If you’re lucky, you can climb to the top and have a view over the whole town. However, it was closed today ;) 

We continued through town, I made a quick stop at Xenos to buy two blue hued teacups (looooove them xD), and then walked on to the Zuidhavenpoort, Old Port. We circled back to the car and I had a short lunch break (bread & pear). I was really tired afterwards and basically frozen stiff (10°C and wind after all), so I decided to drive back to Kamperland, drop by at the supermarket and get some good old Dutch cacao! Of course I also made a stop at Bomont… and found a cozy sweater xD Back at the cottage I curled up on the sofa with plenty of blankets, a hot cacao and a piece of marble cake :) That helped a lot to get warm again, so just around sunset we went for another walk at the beach. On the way back we saw plenty of cute little bunnies hopping along the dunes!

For dinner I decided to go with a potato stew, broccoli and kimchi (what else xD). It was delicious! But tomorrow I should get some meat ;) If we continue with the amount of walking, I need to upgrade my food a bit – we already walked 20km today & yesterday! xD