Renesse, Nieuw-Haamstede, Domburg, Westkapelle

Today was a productive day! :D It started with black rice pudding, coconut milk and mango for breakfast. It’s important to start the day with a full stomach after all ;)

  1. The first stop was Slot Moermond in Renesse. It’s a cute little castle surrounded by water and there’s a walking route around it to get an even better view!
  2. Second stop was Nieuw-Haamstede… I actually drove through all the towns on the way there to find something warm to eat for lunch. But it’s off season, most shops and restaurants are closed xD So, we went for a long walk along the beach and Kea enjoyed running through the waves :)
  3. We continued to Domburg, walked around the main street and I finally got some Dutch fries xD
  4. As a last stop I drove to Westkapelle to see the lighthouse North Head with very daaaark rain clouds approaching. So I decided to do my favorite route along Westkapelle beach tomorrow instead :)

It was already 4.30pm by then… I went to the grocery story to get some chicken and beef for the next days. After a short nap back at the cottage, I made dinner – a Thai soup with chicken and veggies and a bit of rice and Greek yogurt with mango for dessert! At last, Netflix time! I started a new Korean drama called “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung”. Another series with a 8,1 rating on IMDB. I’m still amazed about the insanely good quality they produce! :) Give it a try! ;)