Noord- & Zuid-Beveland

Today it rained a looooooot. 어떡해? I have a decent raining jacket, but the amounts of water that the heavens poured down on us were just beyond anything…^^ I picked a city on the map, Kortgene in Noord-Beveland and we just drove there to see the marina bay. The inhabitants there actually have their own little boat parked in front of their house. Far away I could see the another bay facing Kortgene, so we went for a stop in Wolphaartsdijk too. It’s important to mention that these areas were pretty much deserted due to off season. All shops were closed including restaurants and supermarkets and we didn’t meet a single soul xD We circled back to the cottage over Oranjeplaat, Arnemuiden, and the outskirts of Middleburg, getting a view of the Veese Meer islands on the way :) After that I was super tired, also from not being able to sleep well the night before… Kea went to sleep a bit, I had a late lunch and started editing my photos. At some point the sun came back out and we had a most wonderful sunset beach walk in the evening :) I was windy like crazy, so I was very thankful for my ski underwear! I had dinner, packed up everything and drove back 4 hours home late at night. I entertained myself with more from the Korean TTMIK podcast to stay awake and alert, just arriving before midnight back at home x) I was greeted with light frost and 1,5°C ;) I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Zeeland :)