Bang Pra Reservoir

Today I took a first trip with the car. OMG! Thank God that I have experience with left-hand traffic from Ireland and UK and that I don’t have to drive in Bangkok. I always think though that it feels so much more natural to drive on the left side! Anyway, I went to the Bang Pra Reservoir, just 15 minutes away by car. I found a nice spot that looked over the lake. The place is famous for all the many birds they have. And there are monkeys everywhere, hopping around on the streets too, blocking the cars from driving on the road. But basically, I just covered the area by driving around the 21 km, because it’s not Thai culture to walk anywhere. So they rarely have any paths to walk xD Later in the afternoon I just sat down at the beach at low tide for 2 hours watching the sun slowly going down. It was really soothing and somewhat all about mindfulness. Don’t have to do a million things every day. Just relaxing and being is important sometimes :) Many Thais joined me on the stones and we all watched the sun set… I made a little recording again capturing the atmosphere for more immersion. Can you hear the baby complain? :D